Children’s Sunday

February 4th was Children’s Sunday at Zion. Join us on March 3rd for the next Children’s Sunday!  


Zion awarded  9 kids with bible on Sunday

Tractor Sunday!

It was a bit wet and cold but the tractors came! Blessings to all of the local farmers!  

Tractor Sunday

Tractor Sunday May 30th. The tractors will be blessed at the end of worship.

It’s Spring?

It’s Spring Carnival time! Wednesday May 17 at 6:00pm at Zion church. Everyone is welcome and everything is free!    

Easter Sunday!

The Sunday School sang and read the Jellybean poem

Luther Point Retreat

These High school girls recently attended the retreat at Luther Point. They also enjoyed “Ice Cream for Breakfast day” in honor of Karli!

Lent in a cup

LENT IN A CUP Zion is assembling an at home Lenten devotional called “Lent in a Cup”. You may pick one up at Zion or it may be delivered to your door.

Children’s Sunday

March 5th will be Children’s Sunday and Girl Scout Cookie Sunday!